What is ACTT?

ACTT is a free allied health service for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children that live in Dubbo, aged from birth to eight years. Our early intervention program aims to prepare children for school and meet their child developmental milestones.

ACTT offers Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Psychology services in collaboration with our Aboriginal Community and Therapy Support Workers.

We are based at the Aboriginal Child and Maternal Hub at 166 Brisbane Street, Dubbo. We are funded by The Indigenous Australian Health Promotion (IAHP), Commonwealth Department of Health.

How we can Help?

Aboriginal Health

Aboriginal Community and Therapy Support Workers are the first point of contact for families referred to ACTT.

They can

  • support families in obtaining a Confirmation of Aboriginality
  • conduct screening for your child’s Speech, Occupational Therapy and Psychological needs
  • Connect families with Allied Health professionals
  • advocate for clients and families, link families with other services and provide support during therapy sessions
  • provide individual and group therapy under the direction of ACTT Clinicians.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists

  • Assess and provide therapy for children to help them live more independently and improve their capacity to play and learn

Occupational Therapy can help kids:

  • Live more independently eg feeding, toilet training, bathing, dressing 
  • Participate in activities at school, preschool or in the community
  • Play by themselves or with other people
  • Who struggle to process sensory information eg they may have meltdowns, underact or become hyperactive to things they hear, see, taste, touch or smell. 


  • Parent child relationships
  • Managing behaviour
  • Anxiety
  • Play therapy

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists

  • Assess and provide therapy for children who have communication and/or speech difficulties.

Your child might see a speech pathologist if they have:

  • Problems being understood by other people
  • Problems understanding what people say or following directions
  • Frustration because they can’t say what they want to say or can’t be understood by others
  • A husky voice that’s hard to hear
  • A stutter
  • Problems with swallowing/feeding

Find out more about the Aboriginal Children's Therapy Team and its clients.

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