Get Well Camp - November 2019

With a focus on Social and Emotional Well being for our community, our staff designed a camp in an effort to provide community members with information on the following:

  • Healthy Lifestyles options
  • Supported services in the community
  • Mental Health Wellbeing
  • Drugs/Alcohol

The program and its activities also outline processes and generates discussion which will encourage the participants to build good relationships with each other and their families. As a peer support group the session also provide support and resources that aim to break down the barriers of our community members seeking medical attention, advice & support as well as focusing on the importance of their own social and emotional wellbeing and the role this can play with their physical health.

The camp will run over 3 days and will give the participants a variety of information and explore the services that are available for them in the community.

The target age group is for the camp is 30-70 year olds with an identified chronic illness and/or accessing social and emotional wellbeing support by the SEWB team (max 30 particpants).

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