New Directions - Children Activity Packs for Isolation

Early in the change to work practices during the corona virus, Sally Brown our Occupational Therapist based at the Wellington Clinic was talking to a staff member about how their child was, as they had been very ill. Sally offered to put some activities together for her. Our Practice Manager, Anita jumped on the idea and suggested it could be something for our child clients to support them and their parents during isolation.

So we used the health resources we had in the storeroom to put together packs for 2 years, 4 years and 6 years + old kids. The health promotion included items such as drink bottles, tooth brushes, baseball caps, ear care t-shirts and fridge magnets. There were developmentally age appropriate short stories and hand washing information about COVID-19 from sites such as the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health developed by various services to support vulnerable children and their families.

Basic craft and pencil and paper activities were added to the packs. These included paddle pop sticks and glue, pencil packs, shredded tissue paper, pipe cleaners, pots of paint and a paint brush, cupcake cups, dot to dot, mazes, coloured and printed paper, paper folding sheets , Easter themed colouring-in, feathers and bubbles. All in a health promotion bag.

The Bags were distributed to children in the new Directions program and their siblings, either when they came to appointments or, as the protocols changed, handed out in the car park.

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